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Manage, edit and deactivate your payment links

Payment is currently only available under request and to Eurozone users. To request access to the feature, contact our Head of Payment by email:

After creating payment links, you might want to know how much they generated and have an overview of their overall state from the Payment links dashboard. From there you can also edit or deactivate your payment links' settings if needed.

📈 Overview of the payment links dashboard

Once you've created a payment link, you can consult and manage it from the payment links's page. 


  1. Create a new link
    Click this button to create payment links. To learn more, check our dedicated article Part 1: Create a payment link.
  2. Name 
    Click the name of your payment link to edit its settings. To learn more, check our dedicated section Edit or deactivate a payment link.
  3. Status
    pending-status.png Your payment link has been created and is about to get verified.
    activate-status.png Your payment link is active, verified, and accessible for your customers. 
    inactive-status.png Your payment link is deactivated and not accessible. You manually deactivated it, or your payment link has been considered inappropriate for sharing. 
    Number of time your payment link has been clicked and viewed by the people you share the link with.
  5. Payments
    Number of payments collected for this payment link.
  6. Revenue 
    Total revenue generated from this payment link. 
  7. copy-icon.png (Copy link URL)
    Click this button to copy the URL of your payment link. This URL will allow you to share your payment link with your customers. To learn more, check our dedicated article Part 2: Share payment links with your customers
  8. view-icon.png (Preview payment page)
    Click this button to open your payment page in a new window and ensure that access and check your payment page.

✍️ Edit or deactivate a payment link

Currently, you cannot edit or delete a payment link. You can only edit the settings associated to your payment link. The settings of your payment links can be edited anytime. 

To edit your payment links settings, go to Payment > Payment links and click the name of the payment link you want to edit:


🟢 Activate payment link for your contacts

Your payment link is activated by default. You can deactivate it anytime if your items are not available anymore, or if there is a mistake on your payment link, for example.

When you deactivate your payment link, it is disabled and unavailable to your customers until you reactivate it. To deactivate your payment link:

  1. Toggle off Activate payment link for your contacts.
  2. Read the information message and click Ok, I understand.
  3. Click Save changes

You can reactivate your payment link anytime by toggling on the same option. 

🚚 Ask for shipping address

You can activate the Ask for shipping address option while creating your payment link. However, if you need to ask for your customers shipping address and forgot to activate this option, you can activate it anytime:

  1. Toggle on Ask for shipping address.
  2. Click Save changes
    An extra checkbox will be added on your payment page under the form that collects your customers' payment details ➡️ payment_shipping-address-checkbox_EN-US.png
✅ Choose a custom success page

You can choose a custom success page to redirect your customers after payment. For example, you could redirect them to a specific website page or a landing page with a successful payment message that will reassure them. You can create a landing page directly in Sendinblue. To learn more, check our dedicated articles Landing pages.

You can activate the Choose a custom success page option while creating your payment link. However, you can also activate, edit, or deactivate it anytime from the payment link settings:

  1. Toggle on Choose a custom success page if not already toggled.
  2. Paste the URL to the website or landing page where you want to redirect your customers.
  3. Click Save changes

After checkout, your customers will be redirected to the webpage you chose:

🗓 Automatically deactivate the link

You can set up an automatic deactivation of your payment link while creating your payment link. However, If you are selling products or services that will no longer be available at a certain date and time, like tickets to events or limited products, you can automatically deactivate the payment link at this chosen date and time:

  1. Toggle Automatically deactivate link. 
  2. Choose a date and time at which you want your payment link to be automatically deactivated.
  3. Click Save changes
🔔 Activate payment notifications

Payment notifications allow you to receive an email alert each time a customer completes a payment on this link. You can activate payment notifications while creating your payment link. However, you can still edit the default email address, or activate or deactivate payment notifications anytime:

  1. Change your payment notifications settings. You can either:


    • Edit the default email address for notifications by overwriting it with another, or
    • Deactivate payment notifications by clicking the toggle icon.
  2. Click Save changes.

⏩ What's next?

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.