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How does a video call with Sendinblue work?

The video call feature in Sendinblue Meetings offers you to call your clients using a browser video call.

When you create or edit a meeting type, you can decide which type of meeting you want to offer. If you choose the option Video call with Sendinblue, then your meeting will take place in a browser video call.


By choosing this option a video call link will be automatically created once a booking is confirmed. You can learn more about creating and editing meeting types in our dedicated article Create and edit meeting types.

🤝 Join a meeting with Sendinblue video call

You can join a Sendinblue video call meeting one hour before the start of the meeting. There are different ways on how you can join the meeting with Sendinblue's video call.

From the Planned meetings page

The first way is to join the video call using the Planned meetings page.
You can learn how to do this by checking our dedicated article Check and join your planned meetings.

From a link

Every video call has its own link. This link is shared with your client once they book a video call meeting with you via email. You can also access the video call link from the email that confirms the booking and the reminder emails.

💻 Have a Sendinblue video call

Let's explore how a video call with Sendinblue works.

  1. To start the meeting join the video call. Then you can adjust the video call settings.
    You can: 
    1. Copy your meeting link, to share it.

    2. Enable and disable your microphone and camera.

    3. Click More options to see the advanced audio and video settings.

  2. Click Join now to enter the video call with your client.
  3. Your meeting takes place.
    If no one else is on the call, you can either copy the Invite link to the call or Leave the call. In any case your client already has access to the video call link.
  4. During your call, a few features are available for you.
    You can: 
    1. Access the audio and video settings, change between views and add virtual effects to your video.

    2. Enable or disable your microphone.

    3. Enable or disable your camera.

    4. Share your screen with the client.

    5. Open the Chat.
      The chat allows you and your client to send instantaneous messages between each other.
      💡 Good to know
      Once the video call is over, you cannot access it anymore and the chats are deleted. 
    6. When your meeting is over, click Leave call to leave the video call.

⚙️ More options

There are a few other options that you can access during the video call. We will explain the different options below.


Audio and video settings

The audio and video settings of your meeting allow you to set up the input and output devices for your video call. You can also change the layout on how many participants should be visible on screen.

💡 Good to know
You get access to these settings before or during a video call.

Changing video call views

There are two different views which you can select for the video call:

  • Gallery view: Will show you all participants on one screen in the same size.
  • Speaker view: Will display the speaker and show all participants on the right hand side.

Virtual effects

Once in the video call you can add virtual effects to your video background. You can use one of our existing background virtual effects or you can blur your background.mceclip0.gif

Help and Troubleshoot

The Help section will forward you to an article that helps you with troubleshooting Sendinblue's video call feature. You are also able to find more useful help articles about Sendinblue Meetings.

The Troubleshoot section will show you pieces of the video call room information. If you have an issue with Sendinblue's video call feature that can not be solved with the Help section then, please send the information from the Troubleshoot section with your support request so we can identify the problem more easily.

⏩ What's next?

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.