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Check and join your planned meetings

Once your client books a meeting with you, your meeting is considered a planned meeting

Each meeting is planned for a precise timing; when it comes, it's time to join the meeting and meet your clients. 

In this article, we will explain how to check your planned meetings and join them.

🔎 Check your planned meetings

A whole page is available in Sendinblue's Meetings to check your planned meetings. This page is named Planned meetings.

To access it, from Sendinblue, go to Meetings > Planned meetings


You can check your Upcoming, Past, and Canceled meetings on this page. Your planned meetings are displayed as a list and organized as to which one is next.


This section also allows you to Cancel and reschedule your meetings but also add new participants to your meeting

To learn more about it, check our dedicated articles Cancel or Reschedule your planned meetings and Add participants to a planned meeting.

Calendar view

You can also check your planned meetings in a calendar view. This way, your vision will be global and organized on a monthly standard. 


🤝 Join a planned meeting 

You can join three types of meetings: Video calls, Phone calls, and In-person meetings.

Video call meetings Phone call meetings In-person meetings

When a video call meeting is booked, you can join it one hour before the start of the meeting and anytime during the meeting. 
Video call meetings are displayed on the Planned meetings page, with a camera icon


To join a video call meeting: 

  1. From Sendinblue, go to Meetings > Planned meetings
  2. Find the meeting you want to join from the list or calendar view. 
  3. From the list view, click Join now
  4. From the calendar view, click on the meeting > Join now

You are joining the video call meeting with Sendinblue's video call or an external tool. 

To learn more about Sendinblue's video call, check our dedicated articles My video call with Sendinblue is not working and How does a video call with Sendinblue work?


Check and join a meeting from your personal calendar

If you've connected your own calendar to Meetings, you can check, and join your meetings directly from your own calendar. 

For example, if you've connected Meetings to your google calendar, from your google calendar, you will your planned meetings displayed as your other planned events. 

Simply click the planned from your own calendar to access the pieces of information of the meeting, and see access the video call link if your meeting is a video call meeting. 


To learn how to connect your own calendar to Meetings, check our dedicated article Connect your calendar to Meetings

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.