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Limitations when using HTML for your email campaigns

When creating an email campaign, you must always preview and test the email on different email clients before sending it. Indeed, some email clients do not support all HTLM content as email HTML isn't as developed as web HTML. Interactive elements such as Flash or JavaScript won't work in most email clients.

❓What HTML formats can I use in my email campaign?

In Sendinblue, you have the possibility to use HTML from the:

HTML editor
To design your entire email campaign


HTML block (Drag & Drop Editor)
To add your own code inside your email design




Refer to the table below to know which HTML formats are safe to use or not in your email campaign: 

Safe to use Use with caution Never use
  • Background images
  • Custom web fonts
  • Wide layouts
  • Embedded CSS
  • JavaScript
  • <iframe>
  • Flash
  • Embedded audio
  • Embedded video
    To safely insert a video in your campaign design, check our dedicated article.
  • Forms
  • <div> layering


CSS is limited when used in email HTML. To obtain the best results when designing your email campaign, we recommend you: 

  • Use very simple CSS, 
    Use this website as a dictionary to check if your CSS will be well supported on email clients. 
  • Use CSS only for general style elements such as font and colors, 
  • Use inline CSS instead of embedded CSS. In inline CSS, any background colors or <body> settings should be handled with a 100% wide <table> around your email.
    ❗️ Important
    Some email clients remove lines of code that start with a comma or period. Add a space at the beginning of every line that starts with a comma or period to avoid this.

🔤 Web-safe fonts

Use fonts that are easy to read and easily readable by any email client. Check the fonts you are using before sending your email campaign. To make sure that your clients will be able to read your email campaign with a font that you chose, add a fallback font in the Drag & Drop Editor. You will be able to choose which fonts to use if the one you chose is not supported by your recipients' email client. To learn more, check our dedicated article Add Google and fallback fonts in the Drag & Drop Editor.

We also recommend you use a maximum of two to three fonts in one email campaign. To make your email easy to read, choose a size between 14 and 16px for your body text: 14px for long emails with paragraphs, and 16px for short ones (two to three sentences). 

🏞 Image maps

You can easily add image maps to your campaigns by adding a link to your image block in the Drag & Drop Editor:

  1. Add an image block to your campaign design and click the image. 
  2. Click Add link. The Insert/edit link window opens.
  3. Fill in the information regarding the:
    • Type of link which is often an Absolute link (URL) but you can choose any other type of link,
    • Link target which is the link you want your image to lead to, 
    • Link title is the word you want to display when hovering over the image.
  4. Click Insert.


⏩ What's next?

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.