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Zendesk integration - Automatically blocklist unhappy customers from your marketing emails


The Sendinblue integration with Zendesk allows you to import your Zendesk contacts with open tickets to an exclusion list in Sendinblue in real-time. This allows you to blocklist clients who opened a ticket on Zendesk from marketing emails to avoid sending them marketing emails when they are not happy with your products. Once their ticket is resolved, your client will automatically be removed from the exclusion list and will receive your marketing emails again. 

❗️ Important
All the contacts from all the Zendesk users registered with the same instance will be imported to Sendinblue. Only contacts with an open ticket are imported (New, Open, Pending).

Before you start

  • You must be an admin of the Zendesk workspace or an agent with a custom role with special permission to manage the API access and be able to access the Apps and integrations section in Zendesk.

Part 1: Authorize Sendinblue to access your Zendesk Support account

Before you set up the Zendesk contacts integration, authorize Sendinblue to access your Zendesk Support account: 

  1. From your Agents' workspace/Dashboard, click  app-zendesk.png > Admin center
  2. From the left panel, click Apps and integrations > Zendesk API.
  3. Toggle the Password access option to enable the API authentication by login. 

You can now set up the Zendesk integration with Sendinblue 👇. 

Part 2: Set up the Zendesk contacts integration

Now that you have authorized Sendinblue to access your Zendesk Support account, you are ready to start integrating Zendesk contacts with Sendinblue:

  1. In your Sendinblue account, click Add more apps sign in the top bar.
  2. Go to the Integrations tab.
  3. Search and click the Zendesk contacts integration.
  4. Give a name to the integration.
  5. Click Create integration.

Connect account

Connect the integration to the service account you previously created:

  1. Click Connect your account or Add an account.
  2. Fill in the account information:
    • Authentication name: the name you want to give to the account
    • URL: your Zendesk Support's instance URL which you can copy from the address bar of the browser, e.g.
    • Username: your email address that you use to log in to Zendesk
    • Password: your Zendesk password
  3. Click Proceed. Your account is now active.
  4. Click Continue.

Select your list

Select the list in which you want to import your Zendesk contacts after they create a Zendesk ticket:

  1. To import your Zendesk contacts to Sendinblue, you can either:
    • In the Select a list tab, select the list from your existing ones in which you want to synchronize your Zendesk contacts.
    • In the Create a list tab, create a new list in which you want to synchronize your Zendesk contacts. In this case, give a name to your list and select a folder to which you want to add it. 
  2. Click Continue


To enable the integration, click Save and activate.


Part 3: Check your contacts

Now that your integration is connected to Sendinblue and set up, each time a client creates a Zendesk ticket on your website and if they are already registered in your Sendinblue contacts, they will be imported to your exclusion list selected during the Zendesk contacts set up

To access the list, go to Contacts > Lists and choose the folder in which you created it. You will see that your clients' details have been added to the list of contacts you selected during the Zendesk contacts set up:

Ticket on Zendesk Support Your Sendinblue contact list
Zendesk_unsolved-ticket_EN-US.png zendesk_blacklisted_EN-US.png
💡 Good to know
Only the email address of your contact will be imported. 

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.