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Personalize your contacts attribute columns [New design]

In this article, we will explain how to easily edit contact attribute columns, directly from the Contacts listing page

Your contact lists can be organized in columns that represent contact attributes. You can personalize these columns and decide which attributes you want to see on your Contact list. 


To do so: 

  1. Go to the Contact Listing page
  2. Click Edit columns. 
  3. From the right board, select which available attributes you want to see in your Contacts listing.
    Each time an attribute is selected, the attribute is added as a column, on the left. 
    💡 Good to know
    Some available attributes are automatically available. However, you can manually create attributes. 
    To learn more about creating attributes, check our dedicated article What are the different types of contact attributes?
    💡 Good to know
    If you are using our Whatsapp campaigns feature, note that the Whatsapp contact attribute column will automatically be implemented in your Contact listing. 
  4. You can drag and drop the selected contact attributes to change the order of the columns. 
  5. Once you've selected and arranged your column attributes, click Save column attributes

Your contacts attribute columns are now personalized according to your settings.


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