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Manually subscribe or blocklist a contact from your emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages

If one or several of your contacts were subscribed or blocklisted by mistake, you may need to manually correct their subscription status. You can easily do this directly from their details page.

Good to know

Manually subscribe or blocklist a specific contact

Go to Contacts and select a contact to open their details page.


Email, SMS & WhatsApp campaigns Transactional emails Transactional SMS

At the top of the contact details page, click Email, SMS, and/or WhatsApp campaigns, respectively:

  • Select Subscribed to subscribe the contact to all of your email, SMS, and/or WhatsApp campaigns, respectively.
  • Select Blocklisted to blocklist the contact from all of your email, SMS, and/or WhatsApp campaigns, respectively.


Manually blocklist multiple contacts

❗️ Important
By following this procedure, your contacts will only be blocklisted from your email campaigns. You can blocklist multiple contacts at once by importing a list of blocklisted contacts for email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. For transactional emails and SMS, you'll need to follow the above procedure Manually subscribe or blocklist a specific contact.

To manually blocklist several contacts from your email campaigns:

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  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Check the box next to the contacts you want to blocklist.
  3. Click Blocklist.
  4. Enter the number of selected contacts to confirm.
  5. Click Blocklist.

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