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Manage segments categories

In this article, we'll learn how to create and manage segments on the Segments page (Contacts > Segments). 

Categories are useful to classify and organize your segments. You get to incorporate your segment in categories and create categories when you create your segments, but you can also do it once your segment is already created, on the Segments page

To learn more about how to create a segment, check our dedicated article Create a segment

💡 Good to know
The new Segments feature replaces the Advanced Search and Segmentation feature previously available from the Contacts page. It is still in beta and is part of an early release to some of our users. If you are interested in testing it, we can activate it on demand for your account.
For an overview of the new feature, check out our dedicated article Overview of the [NEW] Segments feature (Beta).

Create a new category

  1. From Contacts > Segments, click All categories and + Create a category.
  2. Name your category.
  3. Click Create

Rename or delete a category

  1. From Contacts > Segments, click All categories
  2. On the left of the category that you want to manage, click the three dots. 
  3. Rename your category and click Rename
  4. Delete your category if you wish to. 

Change a Segment's category 

  1. From Contacts > Segments, click Change category
  2. Choose which category you want your segment to incorporate. 
    💡 Good to know
    You can also create a new category here by clicking Create a Category
  3. Click Move.

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