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What are Web Push Notifications?

💡A new way of marketing

Sendinblue now offers the possibility to create and manage Web Push Notifications directly from our platform. 

You’ve undoubtedly seen push notifications before. Every day, your phone receives countless messages from apps you use. Web push notifications are quite similar but with a couple of crucial advantages - you don't need a mobile app for your online store, and you can send notifications to both desktops and mobiles!


Push Notifications are a compelling and straightforward form of communication. These notifications do far more than update subscribers about new offers and promotions. Push notifications have proven to be an efficient way to re-engage previous visitors and convert them into customers.

Marketing is constantly evolving. Online stores are rapidly adopting push notifications and with good reason:

  • 1-click subscription: When visitors see a browser prompt asking them whether they want to receive notifications, they only have to click ‘Allow’, barely taking a second. 

  • Quick & effective: With a shorter character length, push notifications take only a couple of minutes to create, while subscribers need just a few seconds to read them. Crisp and concise, just the way any effective marketing needs to be.

  • High engagement rates: Push notifications have attractive images to grab attention in an instant and don’t have too much text. Due to this, they have significantly high click rates and get highly noticed.

  • Multi-platform delivery: Push notifications are delivered instantly to desktops, mobiles, and tablets, regardless of the browser used. What’s more, subscribers will receive the notifications even if they are not on the store page. 

  • Visibility: Because notifications are directly delivered to the subscriber's screen, it easily catches the eyes of clients. 

So try it! As long as you have a Sendinblue plan, you get 500 free Web Push Notifications per month to attract more clients. 

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