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Resending an email campaign

You can resend a campaign if you need to send it to more people, if you want to modify it or if you want to send a campaign to people who did not receive it.  

❗️ Important
Never use the Requeue option to resend a campaign as it will automatically send the campaign a second time to all the contacts you chose in the To section. Use the Duplicate option which copies your campaign's properties, and change the recipients from the To section. Only use the Requeue option to resume the sending of a campaign after it has been suspended. To learn more, check our dedicated article Requeue, duplicate, and archive email campaigns.

Duplicate campaign to resend it

We recommend duplicating your campaign if you want to resend it. From your Sent campaigns list, under the name of the campaign you want to resend, click More ▼ > Duplicate

After duplicating your campaign, you can make all the changes needed before resending it to other contacts.

❗️ Important
To avoid resending your campaign twice to the same contacts, follow the instructions in the section below


Filter the contacts who already received the first campaign

If you want to resend the campaign to people who did not receive your previous campaign and avoid sending it to the same contacts twice: 

  1. From the To section, select the same list as in the previous campaign you sent.
  2. Click Advanced options and click+ Add a condition
  3. Click the Events tab and choose the You sent them an email and they did receive it option. 
  4. Select Any type of email and not at all from the drop-down lists.
  5. Click + Specify this condition and choose Email name.
  6. Select from the list the name of the campaign you already sent and that you are about to resend. 

You can now make any needed modifications and send your campaign to the new group of contacts you selected.

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