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Analyze the statistics of your WhatsApp campaigns

To find your WhatsApp campaigns statistics, go to Campaigns > WhatsApp. From there, you'll access the listing of your WhatsApp campaigns, as well as some statistics:


  • Status: the progress of your campaign from Draft to Sent. If your campaign appears as Rejected or Suspended, click the info-wa-campaigns.png information icon to find out why and display a solution.
    💡 Good to know
    If your campaign has been suspended due to insufficient credits, buy a new pack of credits and resend this campaign by selecting it and clicking More actions > Resume from your WhatsApp Campaigns dashboard.
  • Sent: the number of recipients the campaign was sent to.
  • Read: the percentage of recipients who opened the campaign.
  • Not sent: the number of recipients who did not receive the campaign. If this column is filled in, the recipients who did not receive the campaign were either blocklisted or do not have a working WhatsApp phone number. 

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