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SMS campaigns statistics and reports

SMS campaigns statistics

SMS campaigns statistics allow you to access a quick report of your SMS campaigns, such as the number of recipients, the number of replies, or the number of SMS that resulted in a soft or hard bounce. You can also access your SMS campaigns reports.


❗️ Important
Soft and Hard Bounces use your SMS credits, and the credits won't be returned unless there was a technical issue on our platform with email deliverability. In such special cases, we refund the credits manually.

SMS campaigns reports

SMS campaigns reports allow you to access the full report of a specific SMS campaign.

There are two options to access the report of an SMS campaign:

  1. Go to Campaigns > SMS.
  2. Next to an SMS campaign, click on More and select Report.


  1. Go to Campaigns > Statistics.
  2. Under SMS Campaigns, next to an SMS campaign, click on Report.


The Summary tab allows you to view a summary of the information and metrics of your SMS campaign, such as the sender it was sent from, the number of recipients it was delivered to, as well as metrics by list. You can also print, share by email, and download the report.



The Timeline tab allows you to view each action performed on your campaign, from its creation to after its sending (e.g. drafting, scheduling, requeueing, etc.). You can also print, share by email, and download the report.


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