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Organize and categorize your contacts with lists and folders [Classic design]

In this article, we will explain how to create and manage folders and contact lists. 

Lists and folders are helpful to organize and categorize your contacts.

Folders allow you to manage and sort your lists based on a common criterion. For example, if I want to gather my new 2022 customers, I can create a "New 2022 customers" folder. 

Lists allow you to sort your contacts based on their interests, similarities, etc. Lists are stored in folders, as subcategories. For example, if I want to gather the new customers I worked with in March, I will create a "March 2022" list under my "New 2022 customers" folder. 

Create a new folder

  1. Go to Contacts > Lists.
  2. Click on the folder drop-down list. mceclip0.png
  3. Click on Create a new folder. 
  4. Name your folder.
  5. Double click outside of the window. mceclip1.gif

Your folder is created. You can now add lists to your folder. 

Manage your folders

  • To change your folder's name, click on the pen logo at the right of your folder.
  • To delete your folder, click on the bin logo at the right of your folder.mceclip1.png
❗️ Important
All the lists created inside will be deleted if you delete a folder. Contacts will not be deleted: they'll be removed from the deleted lists but will still be available from All Contacts.

Create a new list

  1. Click on Add a new list on the top right corner. mceclip2.png
  2. Name your list.  
  3. Click on Create an empty list.

You are automatically directed to your contacts list in Contacts. You can import contacts to your list in two different ways: 

Manage your lists

From your folders, you can access the different actions to manage your lists by clicking on Actions on the right of your list.


  • Subscriber Manager allows you to view and manage contacts in the list.
  • List Settings allows you to set up the email you want to send to the list.
  • Duplicate allows you to create a second identical list.
  • Add a subscriber allows you to manually add another contact to the list.
  • Import subscribers allows you to import new contacts to the list.
  • Copy / Paste subscribers allows you to copy-paste contacts from a file to the list.
  • Rename allows you to change the name of the list.
  • Move allows you to move the list manually.
  • Delete allows you to delete the list. 

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