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Pre-paid credits (Pay as you go plan)

What is the Pay as you go plan (or pre-paid credits)?

With the pre-paid credits (or Pay as you go plan), customers can buy credits to send a few hundreds SMS or a few thousand emails for their campaign without subscribing to a regular long-term plan. We recommend this option if you don’t send emails or SMS very often.

One credit equals one email sent to one contact. You can buy packs of 5,000 to 1,000,000 emails. Similarly, you can buy packs of SMS credits to send to a specific location.

How long do the pre-paid credits remain valid?

They remain valid as long as you want. You can use them at your pace: they won't expire.

What's the difference between pre-paid credits and the Pay as you go plan?

There are none, pre-paid credits and pay as you go plan are the same thing. They both relate to the possibility of buying credits to send SMS and emails without having to subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan.

What happens if I'm on the free plan and I purchase pre-paid credits ?

If you've already subscribed to a free plan, and you buy pre-paid credits, your free plan will be overwritten and forfeited as it offers fewer features than the Pay as you go plan. Indeed, the pre-paid credits come with everything in Lite plan including the Lite+ add-on.

If you wish to revert to a free plan after you've used your pre-paid credits, you need to contact Sendinblue support.

To know more about the various plans Sendinblue offers, please see What are the different pricing plans?

What happens if I'm on a paid plan and I purchase pre-paid credits?

If you've subscribed to a Lite, Premium or Enterprise plan, the pre-paid credits you've acquired do not overwrite your paid plan. 

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