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Overview of the new contact listing page [New design]

Sendinblue's new contact listing page offers a new interface that allows you to perform more advanced actions on your contacts:

  • Search for contacts within a specific list or segment.
  • Use simple or advanced search criteria.
  • Perform actions on the segmented contacts (blocklist, export as a CSV, etc.).

Overview of the contact listing page

To access the new contact listing page, go to the Contacts page.


Contact import


At the top-right side of the page, you'll find the contact import buttons:

Saved lists and segments


You can search based on all of your contacts, within a specific list, or within a specific segment:

  • All contacts: search within your whole contact list.
  • Load a list/Segment: search within an existing list or segment of contacts.

Create a segment


For a more advanced search, you can create and save a segment of contacts directly from the new contact listing page by clicking on + Add a filter. You can then use these saved segments to send email campaigns and manage your contacts.

To learn more about creating a segment, check our dedicated article Create a segment

Contact listing


With the new contact listing page, you can:

  • View your contacts: have an overview of your contacts' information and access their details page by clicking on their info in the CONTACT column.
    💡 Good to know
    By default, we display your contact's name in the CONTACT column. However, if no name is registered in their information, we will display their email address, phone number, or WhatsApp phone number, in this order. 
  • Search for contacts by Name, Email, SMS, or WhatsApp number: do a quick search by email by typing the email address (or a part of it) of the contact(s) you're searching for.
  • Edit the contact listing columns: choose which attributes you want to display in your contact listing and in which order.
  • Perform actions on your contacts: add them to an existing list, move them to a list, remove them from a specific list or from all lists they're part of, blocklist them, delete them permanently, or export them as a CSV file.

How to access missing features

Some features that were available in the previous version of the contact listing page are not available yet in the new contact listing page but will be supported soon. These features include:

  • Random samples: create a random list of contacts based on your existing contacts.
  • SMS conditions in segments: create segments based on SMS events such as SMS opened or unsubscriptions.
  • Delete attribute in bulk: delete an attribute for several contacts at once.
mceclip0.png To access these features, you can switch back to the previous version of the contact listing page by clicking the yellow icon at the bottom-left side of your screen and selecting rotate-ccw.svgGo back to the previous version.


Can I still access my previously saved filters and dynamic lists?

The new contact listing comes with a new segmentation feature: Segments. This feature is an improved version of both the Advanced Search and Segmentation and Dynamic List features that were available on the previous contact listing page. 

Note that you can still access your previously saved filters and dynamic lists:

  • Your saved filters are available from ContactsSegments under the Archived filters category.
  • Your saved dynamic lists are available from Contacts > Lists and appear with the repeat.svgDynamic list tag.

To learn more about your previously saved filters and dynamic lists and how to use them in the new contact listing, check our dedicated article Can I still use my previously saved filters and dynamic lists?.

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.