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What are the default company attributes?

Sendinblue has a number of default company properties where important information about your companies is stored.

You can edit which company attributes you want to show on your companies listing page and in your companies details page.

Default company attributes

  • Company name: the name of the company.
  • Website: the company's web address.
  • Owner: the Sendinblue user that the company is assigned to.
  • Phone number: the company's primary phone number.
  • Related contact: the existing contact related to the company.
  • Revenue: the actual or estimated annual revenue of the company.
  • Number of employees: total number of people who work for the company.
  • Created at: the date when the company was created in Sendinblue (automatically updated).
  • Last updated at: the last time any attribute was updated for this company (automatically updated).
  • Industry: the type of business the company performs.

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