How to install the new Prestashop plugin: updating from version 3 to version 4

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In the context of the deprecation of the v2 API v2, Sendinblue has updated its plugin on Prestashop and has updated version 3 to version 4. We will explain in this article:

1. Updating your plugin

Updating your plugin in Prestashop

Below are the steps you'll need to take to update your plugin:

  1. Connect to your admin interface on Prestashop
  2. Click on Modules > Module Manager, then find the Sendinblue plugin.
  3. Click on the Upgrade button:


This will automatically update the plugin. Once the process has completed, you'll see the plugin has updated to version 4:


What will happen during the update?

Sending emails

Nothing will change. Your email settings will remain as is.


There are two possibilities:

- 1: your contacts have been synchronized from a single list. In this case, Sendinblue will keep the settings you have defined and synchronization will continue as normal from this list.

- 2: You chose to synchronize from multiple lists. After updating the plugin, you'll receive a message informing you that you will no longer be able to synchronize your contacts and that you must change your settings:

  1. Go to your Prestashop 1.7 plugin in Sendinblue 
  2. Click on Contact SyncPS_1.7_Contact_sync__1_.png
  3. Select the lists from which you would like to synchronize your contactsPS_1.7_Contact_sync_2__1_.png
  4. Click Save
  5. Once your new list or lists have been selected, synchronization will continue normally


Your settings are maintained. 


Once the upgrade has completed, a new API key will be generated that corresponds to the API v3. This key will automatically be updated and replace the one you used for the API v2.

Abandoned Cart Manager

Activating the Abandoned Cart is a bit different with the new plugin. It is no longer managed through the Prestashop interface, but rather directly in your Sendinblue account. If your Abandoned Cart was configured in your Prestashop, it will remain the same after the update.

2. Changes between version 3 and version 4

Sending emails

No changes have been made and your settings will remain the same.


Unfortunately, you can no longer maintain multiple lists. Hereafter, all contacts exported from Prestashop must be synchronized to a single list that you must define in the Settings.


The following functionalities have been added:

  • Order Confirmation: in the new plugin, you will have the ability to send an SMS order confirmation to your client


  • Shipping Confirmation: similarly, you will now also be able to send and SMS to your client when their package has been shipped


  • Campaign: in this plugin, you'll have a choice of two methods of sending an SMS:
    • Send an SMS to a specific person
    • Send an SMS to all of your subscribers who have given their consent

The following functionality has been deprecated:

  • With this version, it will no longer be possible to send a message to all of your contacts at once. As mentioned above, the subscribers must have given their consent in advance to receive SMS messages


Sendinblue's v4 plugin is now built on the API v3 architecture.

Abandoned Cart manager

The Abandoned Cart function has been included in this version, but managed a bit differently. Now, it is directly managed in your Sendinblue interface:

  1. Go to your Prestashop 1.7 plugin in Sendinblue
  2. Click on Behavior tracking
  3. Enable the behavior tracking optionPS_1.7_Behavior_tracking_2.png

All that remains for you to do is to configure scenarios in case of an abandoned cart.

⏩ What's next?

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