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Why are emails added to my backlog?

In this article, we will explain why your transactional emails might be added to your backlog.

Before you start

Why are emails added to my backlog?

If you exceed your hourly quota, the emails will be added to your Backlog until we can send them. Your quota is renewed every hour so you have to wait the next hour(s) for your emails to be sent.


If your quota is 50 emails per hour and you want to send 150 emails at 11am, we will send 50 emails (your hourly quota) at 11am and put the remaining 100 emails in Backlog. One hour later, at 12pm, your quota is renewed, we will send the next 50 emails, and leave the remaining 50 in the Backlog. The 50 emails left will be sent one hour later at 1pm and the Backlog will be empty.


❗️ Important
After 36 hours, the emails still in the backlog will start getting discarded.

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