Partner and account management

Where can I find my partner dashboard?

To get access to your partner dashboard please log into

Please use the password you set when signing up for the program.

What are the different functionalities in my partner dashboard?

  • Dashboard: provides you with the main overview of your main KPIs such as conversion, commission amount, and pending payments.
  • Reporting: this page allows you to dive deeper into your and your clients’ performances. This is helpful in particular if you declared a large number of accounts.
  • Assets: once you are approved for the program, you can find your client invitation and declaration link as well as other marketing materials on this page. 
  • Conversions: this page gives you an overview of 1) your successfully declared accounts and 2) the total conversions and commissions you generated as a Sendinblue Service Partner.
  • The “Customers” tab provides you with a list of all successfully declared accounts, based on the date of declaration. The “Conversions and Commissions” tab shows you the respective conversion and commission amount for all converted (paying) customers .
  • Sources: this page allows you to add sources. Sources are channels you might use to promote the Sendinblue Expert program.
  • Payout gives you an overview of received payouts.

Where can I see my declared accounts?

To have an overview of all your declared accounts please log into your partner dashboard. Then, in your partner management dashboard, click the Conversions menu:


Here, you will find two tabs:

Customers tab

The Customers tab displays all your declared accounts based on the date of declaration. As of today, we cannot display the name of your customers. 


Conversions & Commissions tab

The Conversions & Commissions tab displays all your converted (paying) client accounts, the conversion amount, and the commissions earned.