Install Sendinblue Tracker using Google Tag Manager

Installing the Sendinblue Tracker enables you to track, through Sendinblue, all of the pages on your website visited by your contacts. Once identified, contacts will be automatically added on Sendinblue and can be entered in your Marketing Automation workflows.

Google Tag Manager allows you to add tags and code snippets to your website without having to manually edit your site's code.

Before we start

Integrate the Sendinblue script to Google Tag Manager

  1. Log in to your Google Tag Manager account and select the desired content
  2. Create a new tag, which you can name "Main Script – Sendinblue" for examplescript-automation-EN-3__1_.png
  3. Select the custom HTML tag
  4. In Sendinblue, copy the script that you find in Marketing Automation settings > Google Tag Manager > D. Copy the script
  5. Back in Google Tag Manager, paste the script in the space indicated.script-automation-EN-6__1_.png
  6. Select the All pages trigger to install this script on all of your website's pagesscript-automation-EN-1.png
  7. Save this new tag and then publish the container

Identify your users

To target your communication, you first need the elements that allow you to do this. In short, you need to know your contacts. The first step vital to any further action is to identify them. Identifying your users means retrieving their email address, and other personal details.

You can check our dedicated article How to identify users for Marketing Automation and our technical documentation to learn how to identify your users.

If you want to check if everything is working fine, please check How to check if my contacts are identified.

Verify the tracker is working

You can now verify if everything is fine:

  1. Back in Sendinblue, go to Automation > Settings > Tracking code
  2. Select Google Tag Manager
  3. Click Verify at the bottom of the page
    Please visit your website before clicking on the Verify button. This activity on your website provides sample data to confirm the tracking is working correctly.

🚀Create your Automation workflows 

You're all set to create your Automation workflows! We've gathered all the Uses cases in this section.

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