Install Sendinblue Tracker via one of our plugins [Strongly recommended]

Installing the Sendinblue Tracker enables you to track, through Sendinblue, all of the pages on your website visited by your contacts. Once identified, contacts will be automatically added on Sendinblue and can be entered in your Marketing Automation workflows.

The tracker can be activated in just 2 clicks with several of our plugins, including WordPress, Prestashop, and OpenCart.

Before we start

Install the plugin

To do this, you just need to install the Sendinblue plugin on your web editor. You will find the list of all our plugins in this article Which Sendinblue plugins automatically create track events? and links to the installation process.

Activate the tracker in the plugin

Once the plugin has been installed, you can activate the tracker by clicking on the Activate Marketing Automation through Sendinblue in the plugin settings. You will find more information in the tutorials for installing the plugins.

Example on WordPress:


Example on Prestashop:


Example on Shopware, Shopify, Plentymarkets:

For these 3 plugins, you can directly activate the tracking code from Sendinblue. You can check our dedicated article: Track visitor behavior (Shopware, Shopify, Plentymarkets)


Verify the tracker is working

You can now verify if everything is fine:

  1. Back in Sendinblue, go to Automation > Settings > Tracking code
  2. Select Plugins
  3. Click Verify at the bottom of the page
    Please visit your website before clicking on the Verify button. This activity on your website provides sample data to confirm the tracking is working correctly.

Verify if your contacts are identified

If you have a login on your website, the users should be automatically identified. If you want to check if everything is working fine, please check How to check if my contacts are identified.

🚀Create your Automation workflows 

You're all set to create your Automation workflows! We've gathered all the Uses cases in this section.

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