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What are the entry points in Marketing Automation?

When creating a marketing automation workflow, you will build a series of steps that include entry points, actions and conditions. In the article, we'll detail each entry point to help you create the best workflows!

Workflow example

The following workflow is a workflow to send a coupon to your contact after their first purchase. You'll find:

  1. The entry point: Website purchase
  2. A condition: If/Else condition "Is it their first purchase?"
  3. 2 Actions: Send a coupon if YES and Add to Loyal customer list if NO


What is an entry point?

An entry point is a condition to filter your contacts and allow them to begin the workflow.

In Sendinblue Marketing automation you can choose between 4 types of entry points:

You can specify several entry points so that a contact will enter the workflow if they match at least one of the entry points, e.g. a contact was added to a list OR visited a specific page on your website.

For example, here are the entry points for the following workflows:


Email activity

With both of the entry points Email Marketing Activity and Transactional Email Activity, you can filter your contacts when they opened, clicked or unsubscribed one or multiple campaign. 


Contact details

You can start a workflow with one of the entry points in Contact details:



This entry point will be useful if you want to create a marketing automation workflow according to the birthday of your contact: send a voucher 1 week before their birthday, send a special offer on the day of their birthday etc.



Contact attributes condition

This entry point is customizable with the contact attributes that you can create for each contact.
It can be useful if you want to create a custom contact attribute for a discount code for instance.

A contact is added to a list


This entry point will trigger the workflow for the contacts added to a specific list. If you add your new contacts to a specific list, you can create a Welcome Workflow (see picture above) with this entry point. 

When is a contact added to a list?

💡 Good to know
The import limit to trigger a workflow is 50,000 contacts.


Contact filter conditions

With this entry point, you can choose to target the unengaged contact and non readers. This can be a good opportunity to send specific emails to try and re-engage them.

A contact submits a form


You can start a workflow with the entry point A contact submits a form. This will allow you to precisely target your contacts and create follow-up emails after they submit one of your forms.

You can only choose a Sendinblue form for this entry point. 

Learn more about forms in our series of articles: Create a subscription form - Introduction to subscription forms.

Website activity

❗️ Important
For this entry point, make sure you have connected your website with Sendinblue using a plugin (Wordpress, Shopify, etc) or the Sendinblue Tracker.

You can start a workflow with one of the entry points in Website activity:


A contact visits a page

You can filter contacts when they visit a page on your website. For this entry point, you can use a specific URL, or bits of a URL (start with/contains) as well as regular expression.

A contact clicks an external link:

You can filter contacts when they click on links on your website. The page you are referring to must contain the Sendinblue tracker.

For this entry point, you can use a specific URL, or bits of a URL (start with/contains) as well as regular expression.

An event happens

Events are either automatically added by the plugin, or you have to add them manually (advanced usage). You can then track events and launch automated emails, for example for abandoned cart or order tracking.

The events can be when an item is added to the cart (cart_updated), when the contact purchased an item (cart_completed), etc.

⏩ What's next?

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