FAQ - Adding a STOP code to your SMS messages

What is a STOP code?

The STOP code is a system that allows each recipient of SMS messages to have an easy way to unsubscribe from the sending list of the message sender.

When should I use a STOP code?

Marketing SMS messages

When sending marketing SMS messages, make sure that your contacts have explicitly opted-in. In addition, the CNIL imposes that all marketing SMS messages must contain a way for the recipients to easily unsubscribe from the sending list of the message sender (unsubscribe link or STOP code).

Informative SMS messages

When sending informative SMS messages (confirmation code, purchase, appointment reminder, etc.), adding a way to unsubscribe in the SMS message is not mandatory.

How does Sendinblue manage SMS unsubscriptions?

The management of SMS unsubscriptions is automatically done by Sendinblue. After unsubscribing, contacts are automatically blacklisted and receive an automatic confirmation message.

In which countries is STOP code available?

To be in agreement with the legislation of advertising by SMS messages, you must include a way for the recipients to easily unsubscribe from your sending list by adding a STOP code or an unsubscribe link to your SMS message.

Sendinblue offers STOP code management for SMS messages sent to contacts in the following countries:


When sending SMS messages to contacts in these countries, include at the end of every SMS "Reply STOP to [STOP_CODE]", where STOP_CODE will, at the time of sending, automatically be replaced by a code specific to marketing campaigns or transactional SMS.

❗️ Important
To comply with applicable US laws, always include this phrase in your first SMS message to contacts in the US: "[Your Company Name] Alerts. [#] msg/mo. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel. Msg&Data rates may apply." Replace [Your Company Name] with your company name and replace [#] with the number of SMS messages you expect to send to your contacts each month.

What if my contacts are not in a country where STOP code is available?

If your contacts live in a country where STOP code is not available, you must include an unsubscribe link in marketing SMS messages sent to them.