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Create a double opt-in (DOI) confirmation template for Sendinblue form

You need a specific template to be able to send Double Opt-in (DOI) confirmation emails and retrieve the DOI confirmation in Sendinblue. 

You'll see, it's pretty easy, but you need to make sure you follow the procedure to make it work! 

❗️ Important
This tutorial only applies if you're using Sendinblue's forms. If you want to use external forms, please check our dedicated tutorial Using Marketing Automation to create a double opt-in subscription.

Create a double opt-in (DOI) confirmation email

You can check this video or the below procedure:

Setup of your template

  1. Go to Campaigns > Templates
  2. Click New Template
  3. Enter the setup data just like a regular email template.
    For the subject, we recommend something clear like Please confirm your subscription.
  4. Click Show advanced options 
  5. MANDATORY: Enter optin in the Tag field.
  6. Click Next

Design of your template

  1. Choose one of the newsletter editors.
  2. Edit the template as desired
  3. MANDATORY: Add a button and insert this exact text as the double opt-in link: {{ doubleoptin }}
  4. Finally, save and activate the template, and return to your subscription form where it'll appear in the drop-down list.
❗️ Important
Make sure to include the 2 mandatory elements optin & {{ doubleoptin }} , otherwise the template won't work for Double opt-in confirmation.

⏩ What's next?

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