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Create a double opt-in (DOI) confirmation template for Sendinblue form

You need a specific template to be able to send Double Opt-in (DOI) confirmation emails and retrieve the DOI confirmation in Sendinblue. 

You'll see, it's pretty easy, but you need to make sure you follow the procedure to make it work! 

❗️ Important
This tutorial only applies if you're using Sendinblue's forms. If you want to use external forms, please check our dedicated tutorial Using Marketing Automation to create a double opt-in subscription.

Before your start

  • You can check this video or the below procedure:

Setup your template

  1. Go to Campaigns > Templates.
  2. Click New Template.
  3. Enter the setup data just like a regular email template.
    For the subject, we recommend something clear like Please confirm your subscription.
  4. Click Show advanced options.
  5. Enter optin in the Tag field.
  6. Click Next Step.

Design your template

You can now design your template. Depending on the version of the Drag & Drop Editor you are using, the way of adding the double confirmation link differs. Check the table below to know which Drag & Drop Editor you are using: 



[New design] Drag & Drop Editor

[Classic design] Drag & Drop Editor

  1. Edit the template as desired.
  2. Add a Button block to your template. 
  3. New Drag & Drop Editor Classic Drag & Drop Editor
    Click the Add link icon and choose Double opt-in link from the Type of link drop-down list. You can also add a Link title that will appear when you hover the mouse over the button. Click Insert.
  4. Save and activate your template.
  5. Return to your subscription form and at the Settings step, choose this template from the drop-down list.

⏩ What's next?

🤔 Have a question?

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