Forecast your expected sales using a weighted pipeline

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In this article, we will explain how to forecast your sales using weighted pipelines in your CRM.

Sendinblue CRM allows users to set an estimated probability against every deal stage. This enables sales managers to forecast expected sales based on the probability of deals in their pipeline.

Set up a weighted pipeline

A weighted pipeline uses win probability to estimate your future revenue. Win probability refers to the confidence in winning a deal at a specific stage. The more a deal is moving forward inside a pipeline, the higher win probability it should have. Win probability can be assigned to a pipeline stage using any value between 0% and 100%.


To add a win probability to your pipeline stages:

  1. Go to CRM > Settings > Deal settings
  2. Select Manage your pipeline settings
  3. In the Win Probability column, add a value between 0% and 100% for each stage
  4. Click Save

Forecast sales based on win probability

In any given deal stage, only a fraction of deals convert successful. By factoring in this probability for every deal stage, revenue from individual stages can be estimated realistically.

For example, let’s consider a deal stage called Qualified. At this stage of the deal cycle, the probability of winning the deal is only of 15%. Now, let's consider that you have 5 deals in this stage with each carrying a value of $20000, $10330, $4400, $2300, and $1500 respectively. The total deal value from this stage is $38530.

However, the expected deal value from this stage will be calculated on the basis of the deal stage probability (15%). Therefore, the expected revenue from this stage will be 15% of $38530 = $5780.

You can view the estimated revenue for each stage from the Kanban view:


To view the total revenue of a stage, click the i_icon_EN.png icon next to Est. revenue:


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