Using Conditional Display - Part 2: Transactional Parameters

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At the moment this feature is only available for the Drag & Drop editor (Classic). It will be available soon for the Drag and Drop Editor (New).

In this second article, we will explain how to use conditional display in the Drag & Drop Editor (Classic) based on transactional parameters. Transactional parameters are variables which are not saved in your Sendinblue contacts list but rather are passed as a component of your API call to send a transactional email.  

Good to know

Conditional display based on transactional parameters

Conditional display may be used to modify an email template based on one of its transactional parameters when it is sent via our API v3. Transactional parameters contain two elements and when they are passed via the API are structured as: {{ params.parameterNAME }}

parameterNAME is your transactional parameter name, formatted and cased exactly as you pass it via the API.

Let's continue our example of the online t-shirt store from Using Conditional Display - Part 1: Contact Attributes and say that we want to update our purchase receipt email template with a promotional block about an upcoming event. 

  1. In the email template, select a block and enable Conditional display
  2. In the first drop-down list, select params
  3. In the Key field, enter the parameterNAME given to your transactional parameter. For example, to insert a number of guests for an event where the parameter is {{ params.RSVP }} simply enter RSVP as the variable name.
  4. Configure the remaining fields according to your needs. In our example, we use a numeric format for the RSVP parameter and display unique promotional blocks based on these conditions: 
  • RSVP for 0 tickets - basic event promotion  
  • RSVP for 1 ticket - thank customer for single ticket purchase, suggest inviting a friend
  • RSVP for 2 tickets - thank customer for group purchase, suggest purchasing a table  


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