Personalize your SMS with contact attributes and dynamic variables

You can easily personalize your SMS with any contact attributes that you store in your Sendinblue contact list. Personalizing these messages is always encouraged to engage your subscribers and to increase responses.

For example, it's possible to insert the full name of your recipients in the messages or add a customized greeting in the content of your messages.

❗️ Important
For SMS personalization, you need to use the old template language (described below).
For email personalization, please use the new template language.

How can I use personalizations in my SMS?

When designing your SMS, you will insert a placeholder that will be automatically replaced by the personalized information for each recipient at the time your SMS is sent.

Personalizations can be managed using two different methods:

  • by using contact attributes that are saved in your Sendinblue account such as last name and first name.
  • by using a dynamic variable such as an order amount or invoice number, which will be generated during a transaction and sent via the API.

Add contact attributes to your SMS

If you want to personalize your SMS using the first name, date of birth, phone number of your contact, you can use the contact attributes saved in your Sendinblue contact list.

To create your own personalizations, you can create new contact attributes in Advanced Settings > Contact attributes & CRM > Add a new attribute.

To add a personalization to your SMS:

  1. Choose the attribute(s) you'd like to add to your SMS from your Contact List
  2. In the body of your SMS, add the attribute between curly brackets { } like so: {ATTRIBUTE}. This is the old template language.
    Example: one of your attributes is called FIRSTNAME, you will write {FIRSTNAME}
  3. Voilà!

❗️ Important
The ATTRIBUTE you will put between the curly brackets must match on what you have on your Contact list. Attributes may vary according to the language of your account. 



On the the left is Sendinblue configuration of the SMS with the attributes {FIRSTNAME}, {LASTNAME} & {NEWCOUPON}


On the right is the SMS received by a client: 

  • {FIRSTNAME} = John
  • {LASTNAME} = Cooper

Add dynamic variables to your transactional SMS

If the attribute has a dynamic value and this is sent by the API, the attribute name needs to be placed between %%.

Example: Order amount: %ORDER_AMOUNT%

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