Personalize your email content using contact attributes in Drag & Drop Editor (New)

Personalizing your email content is an essential step of your email design to increase engagement with your recipients. Using our editor, you can easily personalize your email content using the contact attributes that you have already defined on your Contacts page in Sendinblue. When your email is sent, the personalization placeholders are dynamically replaced by contact related information applicable for the recipient.

In this article, we will explain how to personalize your email content using contact attributes.

❗️ Important
Please note that the Drag & Drop Editor (New) featured in this video is still in beta. We can activate it on demand for your account.

Check out this video tutorial to learn how to add personalized salutation in email.

How to personalize your email content ?

You can personalize the button text and the text content block. Simply click on Personalization in the text toolbar which will open the Insert personalization popup.


Insert simple personalization

Use the simple personalization to simply insert contact related information such as email, first name.

  1. You can search and browse through the list of contact attributes to locate the attribute that you would like to insert.
  2. Add a fallback text that will be displayed if the attribute is empty for a recipient.
  3. When personalization is inserted, then a red placeholder having the name of the contact attribute will be visible.


In the above example, when the email is received by a recipient named Jessica then she would see her name displayed in the email in place of the FIRSTNAME placeholder. "There" will be displayed for those recipients who do not have a first name.

You can also manually add personalization using the syntax
{{ contact.ATTRIBUTE }} as described in our article Personalize your email with contact attributes.

Insert advanced if/else personalization

Use this personalization when you want to display contact information according to a set of conditions.


  • You can add multiple cases to suit your needs. For example, adding different greetings for male and female recipients.
  • For each case, you can add multiple conditions on your contact attributes and also specify the text to be displayed.
  • A specified text in a case will be displayed in your email when the respective case is true otherwise the fallback text will be displayed.
  • When advance personalization is inserted, then "If/Else" placeholder will be visible.

Edit inserted personalization

To make changes to an already inserted personalization:

  1. Click on the personalization placeholder that you wish to edit.
  2. The Insert personalization popup will open displaying the existing personalization.
  3. Make changes and then click Insert. The changes will be applied.

Test your email personalization

Test your personalization by using the following options available within the editor from the Actions dropdown in the top navigation.

  • Preview as customer: Validate the personalizations in your email by previewing as a specific recipient.
  • Send test email: Use this functionality to review your emails and make changes until everything looks the way you wanted. You can send test emails to one or more of your contacts.

Conditional display using transactional parameters and dynamic lists

COMING SOON - At the moment, you can only use transactional parameters and dynamic lists with the Drag & Drop Editor (Classic), but they will be available soon in the new Drag & Drop Editor (New).

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