Conditional display using contact attributes in Drag & Drop Editor (New)

Our new editor makes it more easy to display specific content to a particular set of recipients. You can do so by using the conditional display feature in the editor. You can apply conditions on an entire layout block or a content block.  For example, an ecommerce company could send a campaign consisting of products and offers according to the gender and location.

In this article we'll explain how to add conditions on a block based on contact attributes.

❗️ Important
Please note that the Drag & Drop Editor (New) featured in this article is still in beta. We can activate it on demand for your account.

How to add conditions on a block?

By default, each layout or content block is visible to all recipients. If you want to add conditions on a layout or content block, then select the respective block.

  1. Click on the first icon Personalize block which will open the Block personalization popup.
  2. Choose whether the block should be visible when one or all conditions are true.
  3. Add one or more conditions by choosing the contact attributes from the dropdown.
  4. Click Insert conditions when you are done adding all conditions.


In the above example, when the campaign is sent then the text block will be displayed to only those recipients whose contact attribute email contains sendinblue and country is France.

The Personalize block icon will change to green color indicating that personalization is added.


💡 Good to know:
You can test your personalization by previewing as a specific recipient or by sending a test mail.

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