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Drag & Drop Editor [Classic design] - Part 6: Header and Footer elements

In this final article we'll explain how to use the header (logo, navigation links) and footer elements (Senblinblue logo, social networks and copyright).

Header elements

View in browser

This element is also referred to as the "Mirror Link", this is a link that recipients can click if they have trouble viewing your email on their email client and would like to view in the browser version. Most of the email templates don't need this option if the templates are responsive but you can always add it if needed. To learn more, check our dedicated article Insert a View in browser (mirror) link in your campaigns.


In this section, you can add your logo and navigation links if needed. You can add a maximum of six links below the logo to redirect the users to a specific location.

For example, blog, sign-in, and request a demo. This is a great took for quick Call to Actions to drive reader's attention.

Footer elements


The footer element is essential because it contains the Unsubscribe link. It also contains an indication for your contact on which email address they are contacted in, and from whom.

How to remove the Sendinblue logo?

Depending on the Monthly Plan you subscribed to, the Sendinblue logo might be displayed in the footer of your emails:

  • If you have a free plan, the logo will always be displayed in your footer.
  • If you have a paid plan, you can remove the logo by hand from all templates. Click the logo and in the right panel, uncheck the Display the SendinBlue Logo box.

To avoid having to remove the logo by hand each time, you can create templates without the logo and reuse them. 

Social Networks

You can add links to your social networks directly in the footer. Watch this video to see how to change the design of the social media thumbnails and add or remove elements.

If you have added social media links in Campaigns > Settings > Google Analytics & Social Channels, the links will automatically be populated when dragged into your campaign.

Unsubscribe link

The unsubscribe link is mandatory for any email campaign you send. It is essential to your contacts and for the proper functioning of your campaign. To learn more, check our dedicated article Insert an unsubscribe link in your campaigns.


The last element is the copyright, you can modify it to match your company's name. You can dynamically show the current year using the new template language. If you add {{ time_now|date:"2006"}}, this will display 2020.

For more details, please check our article Using Sendinblue’s New Template Language to create email templates and campaigns [NEW].

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.