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Drag & Drop Editor [Classic design] - Part 5: Content blocks

Now that we've seen how to use simple design elements, we'll show you how to use the Content blocks, these are blocks that are a combination of images, titles, text and buttons. These blocks allow you to create a more complex design.

What is a Content block?

A content block is a pre-defined block gathering several elements like text, images or buttons. We have pre-designed 4 Content elements for you:

  • Image box: in this block you'll have one column with an image, title, text and button
  • Image box x2: in this block you'll have two columns with each an image, title, text and button
  • Image box x3: in this block you'll have three columns with each an image, title, text and button
  • Image + content: in this block, the image will be either on the right or left of the title/text/button elements.


Using these elements will bring more flexibility and allow you to be more creative when designing your email campaigns.

How to edit the blocks?

Editing the blocks will be exactly the same as what we described in Use design elements (Title, Text, Image, Button & Space). You just need to click the element to access the element settings. 

The block options are a bit different though. You will notice that the spacing is more powerful on these blocks because it takes into account every element.

You can also see that the block's elements can be checked or unchecked so that you can choose what elements you'd like to keep in your email campaign! Check our 2 articles to learn more about these options:


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