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Drag & Drop Editor [Classic design] - Part 2: Add and move blocks in your email campaign

Now that you know a bit more about the interface, we'll show you how to move blocks around: add blocks, move a block, duplicate a block or delete them. You will see, it's pretty intuitive!

How to add blocks into your email campaign

Drag and drop

You can drag and drop the elements from the left menu directly into your email campaign. The place where the element will go will be highlighted in orange. 


Here's the part of the video treating about how to drag and drop blocks in the editor:

Move a block

To move a block, click the move icon and hold it while you move the block to the desired spot:



Duplicate a block

Once you have chosen all the settings for your block, you can duplicate it. This is a real time saver when it comes to designing your campaign or template. 

Just click the Duplicate button on the top-right corner of the block to duplicate it.


Delete a block or an element within a block

You can delete an entire block by clicking the bin icon on the top-right corner of the block.


If you want to remove an element from a block, you need to do it from the block's options using the pen icon. Click the pen icon and untick the element you want to remove as shown below:


⏭️ What's next?

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