Beta editor | Developer mode function


What is the developer mode?

This is an advanced mode that allows users with template development experience to have control over their templates by enabling them to do functions that are not supported on the UI.


Can I write HTML in this mode?

As opposed to what you may have thought, you can not directly type HTML into this mode. Instead, it uses YAML which is an easy representation for a tree structure similar to JSON.

With this language, you will use abstract definitions created by our team to make developing templates very easy and to ensure the HTML generated and sent to the customers is managed by our tools.  This allows for the best quality and wide support for email clients.


Why not allow me to edit the HTML directly?

That's a great question.  As you might know, email clients are not all the same and it can be difficult to create beautiful newsletters that work everywhere including mobile phones & Outlook.

This is also a standard work in progress as new email clients come and old clients change the way they render emails.

This is why we are working hard to make sure your emails will work as expected everywhere, with minimal effort on your side.  We've created an abstract high-level way for you to define your HTML and we do the magic 🎩 behind the scenes. 


How does it work?

This is pretty simple, all you have to do is open the developer mode and edit the template. As you type you'll see the template on the right change its design based on your changes.

Every change is saved automatically, once you are done, you can close the developer mode and you'll return to the normal view. 


Are there limitations, how do I know what's possible?

For 99% of the use cases, you'll rarely find any limitations with our templating language since we work constantly on updating it, but of course, there might be few quirks or client-specific features that we may have missed.

Having said that, this opens up a new world of possibilities beyond what we offer in the UI.  For example, our new google promo feature which you can find here

All the technical documentation for our templating language is attached as PDF with this article.