Available features for White Label accounts

❗️ Important 
Please note that the White Label product is being depreciated and is no longer being offered to new clients.

As a White Label Sendinblue account, you'll be able to:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Place your own logo and color scheme
  • Offer a unique login portal on your domain

If you are interested in this solution, get in touch with our Sales team for a demo here.

What features are available for child accounts?

This table summarizes all features that are available for your child accounts. 

Good to know: All features available on standard Sendinblue accounts are not available for child accounts.


White Label

  Email campaign


  Sending time optimization


  A/B testing


  SMS campaign


  Transactional SMS


  Contacts management


  Senders management



On demand

  Transactional email

Multi Accounts manager

  Automation platform

Multi Accounts manager


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