Connect If/Else and A/B split branches using Go to another step action

Streamline the workflow creation process involving multiple If/Else conditions and/or A/B splits using the Go to another step action in your workflows. You can connect multiple branches after various steps and avoid the need to duplicate common steps across each branch.

 To add a Go to another step action:

  • Go to Automation > Workflows
  • Edit an existing workflow or create a new workflow.
  • Click on the plus icon + anywhere on the workflow, ideally on one of the If/Else or A/B split branches.
  • Select the Go to another step action.GoTo_1.png
  •  Select the destination step for the connection, where you want the contact to go unconditionally. You can select any step in the workflow except other Go to another step actions or the Start point.GoTo_2.png
  • If you select a previous step that creates a closed loop, as a result of Go to another step action, a contact will loop through these steps a maximum of 5 times. After the 5th loop, the contact will ignore the Go to another step action and move to the next step in the workflow.
  • Once the workflow is active, any contact reaching the Go to another step action step will unconditionally jump to the destination step, leaving the path or flow it was in.