How do visitors receive my chat messages if they are no longer on my website?


Imagine you're having a conversation with a prospective lead on Chat and they suddenly go offline, or a customer left you an important message expecting a reply while you were offline but they are no longer active on your website when you return. Wouldn't it be amazing if somehow you can still get your message across to these offline visitors, so that they can continue the conversation from where they left off?

Visitor email settings let you send automatic email notifications about the latest unread messages to your offline identified visitors. Allowing you to be connected to your website visitors even when they are no longer active on your website. 



To activate Visitor emails go to Chat > Settings and click on Visitor emails.


Activate the setting by switching the toggle ON, customize the configurations and save. Please remember to save the configurations explicitly when you activate Visitor emails for the first time.

Here you can customize the delay between the last message and the automatic email notification being sent. The email will only be sent if the message(s) has not been read by your identified visitor after the delay time has passed. 

Further you can customize the From Name, From email address and the Reply-to address that the outgoing email notification should have.  You can either choose a custom From Name for all of the notifications or personalize it so that the name of the operator who sent the message appears as the From Name.


The notification email is pre-designed and customized with your branding. You can see the preview of the email in desktop and mobile views by clicking on the link under the Email overview section.



Good to know: These emails will use your transactional email quota and credits. You can also see the recipient activity on these emails under Transactional logs.