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NopCommerce 4.20 - 1. Set up the plugin


Good to know: This plugin has been developed by NopCommerce, there are several ways to get support from them.


NopCommerce is an open-source e-commerce solution with a catalog management interface, along with back office order management. This out-of-the-box plugin integrates your NopCommerce store with your SendinBlue account. You'll be able to:

  • Synchronize your NopCommerce customers with your SendinBlue account: all your NopCommerce customers are automatically added to SendinBlue
  • Send your NopCommerce transactional emails and SMS via SendinBlue: all your statistics (subscription, confirmation, etc.) will be available on your SendinBlue account.
  • Track the activity of your shoppers on your store: recover lost sales using marketing automation to set up an abandoned cart email.


Before you start

You will need to have the following information prior to installation and use:

  • SendinBlue account credentials. If you don't have one, sign up for free.
  • SendinBlue API v3 key following the instructions here.
  • NopCommerce website admin panel access.

Good to know:  To utilize all extension features, please ensure that your SendinBlue account has been validated and you are able to send emails from the SendinBlue Campaigns and Transactional platforms.  

1. Configuring the app

No need to install the plugin as it will be available on your NopCommerce 4.20 store by default. Login as admin to your NopCommerce store. Go to Configuration > Plugins. Find "SendinBlue" plugin then click on the Configure button.

In the "General" tab, paste your SendinBlue API v3 key that you will find here. Then click on the Save button.

Once you have done this you should be able to see your account details.

2. Synchronizing contacts

Go to the Contacts tab to synchronize your NopCommerce customers with your SendinBlue account.

  • To create a new SendinBlue list, click on the Create a list button to be redirected to your SendinBlue account.
  • From the drop-down list, select the list where your NopCommerce subscribers as well as their contact data will be added. Click on the Save button.

What data is synced?

The following form fields are synced as contact attributes:

  • SMS
  • CITY
  • FAX

For the sync, note that these form fields need to be enabled on your NopCommerce store. Go to Configuration > SettingsCustomer settings > Customer form fields.

Order data is synced as transactional attributes:
  • ORDER_ID: ID of the order
  • ORDER_PRICE: amount of the order
  • ORDER_DATE: date of the order

Orders are synchronized when the order's payment status is paid.

How often are contacts synced?

After the initial sync, a task is scheduled to run every 6000 seconds to automatically add your new subscribers to your SendinBlue list.

Click on the Sync now button to sync right away.

To change the sync frequency, go to System > Schedule tasks.

3. Sending transactional emails

Go to the Transactional Emails tab to send your transactional emails via SendinBlue SMTP.

  • Check the "Use SendinBlue SMTP" box.
  • Paste your SMTP password that can be found here.
  • From the drop-down list, select the sender you wish to send your emails from
  • Click on the Save button.

You should then be able to see the email notification list. This lists all of the transactional emails (order confirmation, etc.) that you send.

For each template, you can:

  • choose if it is active or inactive.
  • choose between the default NopCommerce template or a SendinBlue template
    • Click on the Edit button
    • From the dropdown, choose your template
    • Click Update
  • edit its content

If you have selected "SendinBlue email template", then click on "Edit Template" to edit the content of your template on your SendinBlue account.

If you have selected "Standard message template", then click on Edit button to change its content.

Click on Show to see allowed message tokens.

You can also send a test email from this page to check the content. Note that an email credit will be used for each test email.

4. Sending SMS

Go to the SMS tab to send SMS notifications to your customers in addition to emails.

  • Check the "Use SMS notifications" box.
  • Enter an alphanumerical sender (maximum of 11 characters).
  • Type your telephone number.
  • Click on the Save button.

To configure the SMS notifications to be activated:

  1. Click on the +Add new SMS notification button.
  2. Select the trigger event for the notification, the telephone number you want the notification to be sent to (yours or a customer's) and enter the text message.
  3. Make sure you check the "Is SMS active" box to activate the notification and click on Update button.

Your plugin is now configured. You can access all of your transactional email stats directly from SendinBlue.

4. Setting up Marketing Automation workflows

Good to know: A customer has to be identified by their email address to trigger a workflow i.e. a customer who has logged into their account on your NopCommerce store or input their email address during checkout.

Go to the Marketing Automation tab to install the marketing automation tracking script to track the activity of shoppers on your store. You will be able to automate your marketing by sending a series of emails or SMS once a visitor has signed up, a prospect has abandoned their cart, a customer has made a purchase, etc.

  • Check the "Use Marketing Automation" box.
  • If the Marketing Automation platform is enabled on your SendinBlue account, then the plugin will auto-fill your tracker ID.
  • Make sure that the SendinBlue widget is activated on the page ConfigurationWidgets.
  • Click on the Save button.

Once Marketing Automation is enabled and functioning properly, you will find the following logs in your SendinBlue account under Automation > Logs > Event logs:

  • Page
  • Identify
  • Track events

The plugin will automatically track the activity of shoppers for you to set up workflows to recover lost sales and order confirmation workflows. 3 track events are passed:

  • cart_updated is passed when an item is added to a cart.
  • cart_deleted is passed when a cart is emptied.
  • order_completed is passed when the order has been made. This means that the payment status is "Paid".


Have a question?

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