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Update your subscribers details and preferences (Update Profile form)

Maintaining your contacts’ details and preferences up-to-date ensures they receive your communication and helps you increase their engagement. 

Sendinblue offers an Update profile form to help you collect updated information about your subscribers, such as their details, preferences, and even which lists they want to be subscribed to. We recommend including a link to this form in the footer of all of your emails to help subscribers share their preferences with you.


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an Update Profile form and customize its design, content, behavior, and fields collected.

You may use these shortcuts to jump to a specific step:

  1. Creating an Update Profile form
  2. Customizing form design
  3. Managing form settings
  4. Customizing form messages
  5. Including your form in your newsletter footer

Creating an Update Profile form

  1. Go to Contacts > Forms
  2. Click on the tab called Update profile.
  3. Here, you will find a ready-to-use default Update Profile form which you can already include in your campaigns’ footer.
  4. Or, click Create an update profile form to start fresh and customize a new Update Profile form. Next, give your form a unique name to locate it easily within you forms listingmceclip2.png
  5. Click Next to save your form.
    You can access it anytime from the
    Update profile tab in the Forms section.

Customizing form design

The next step will be about designing and shaping your form.

Customize form styling

Similarly to subscription forms, you can personalize your update forms by modifying:

  • Background
  • Image
  • Buttons
  • Text fonts, sizes & colors
  • Form fields (add as many fields as you want)
  • Instruction text (directing users how to subscribe)
  • Success message (confirming that a user has successfully updated their information)

Collect your subscribers’ details

Add additional form fields to collect information about your subscribers and/or update existing contact attributes (such as a text, number, date, category, or boolean values). You may also add a multi-list field to allow subscribers to declare new interests or update their preferences and place them in corresponding lists.

Each new form field will correspond to a contact attribute or contact list:

  • Text (contact attribute)
  • Number (contact attribute)
  • Date (contact attribute)
  • Multi-list subscription (contact list)
  • Double opt-in (contact attribute)


Customize form layout

You can drag and drop various form elements blocks, including Title, Text, Image & Divider, to your form similar to Form Fields. To further customize your form design, click on the Form Design tab on the left panel of the form editor.


Review the mobile view

All Sendinblue forms are designed responsively. You can display your Update Profile form in mobile mode to preview how it will look on your subscribers’ devices. Simply toggle the view from desktop to mobile on the top of the form editor.


Managing form settings

Next, choose whether you want to send your subscribers a confirmation email or simply redirect them to a custom landing page, or to a confirmation page.

This section is the same as for subscription forms, you can learn more about it here.

Customizing form messages

In this section, you will be able to customize all the messages displayed by the form in these cases:

  • Success message: successful update of your subscriber’s preferences and details
  • Invalid user information: invalid data entered by your subscriber
  • Error message: system error occurs while processing a subscriber’s update
  • Empty field: a required field is not completed by the subscriber


Including your form in your newsletter footer

The Update Profile form link is unique to each subscriber and campaign. It will automatically be pre-filled with data of each of your subscribers receiving your email.

The process for adding an Update Profile form link in your campaigns is different based on the editor you are using to build your email:

In the Drag & Drop Editor (New and Classic)

To customize which Update Profile form link to insert in your campaign footer, go to the Setup step of your campaign and select the form of your choice in the dropdown list under Use a custom update profile form.


After moving to the design step you will notice an additional link in your campaign’s footer.


In the HTML and Rich Text Editor

In the Rich Text Editor and Paste your Code, you will need to manually add an Update Profile form link placeholder. To manually add an Update Profile form link in a campaign created in the HTML and Rich Text editors, simply add the {{ update_profile }} placeholder in an HTML hyperlink tag <a>:


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