Why can't I access a SendinBlue account that was shared with me?

Account owners with a Premium, Premium+ or Enterprise plan can invite multiple team members to access their account. Each user can be part of multiple accounts and access multiple accounts, provided they are invited by the account owners.            

If you are having trouble accessing a SendinBlue account that was shared with you, there could be several reasons: 

  1. The account's plan no longer includes access to this feature, either because the plan has been downgraded by the owner (to Lite or Essential) or the plan has expired completely
  2. The account has been closed 
  3. The account owner has removed your access 
  4. You have already left the account

Troubleshooting your access 

Please contact the owner of the SendinBlue account you are trying to access. Account owners are the only users authorized to update the account's profile, plan selection, billing, and payment information.

Good to know: the SendinBlue support team may only discuss an account's plan, billing, payment, and user access with the account's owner. If you are not the account owner, please ask the owner to contact us directly about these topics. 

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