What can you A/B test on SendinBlue Automation?

With the A/B split feature, you can create A/B tests inside your Automation workflows to test your automated email sequences or the entire workflow.

You can test the following components of your workflows:

  • Email templateto learn which generates more engagement or conversions.
  • Workflow setup, to learn which combination or order of steps performs best. 
  • Message frequencyto learn the most effective frequency for sending emails or text messages.

You may wish to test any element in your email or workflow, such as: 

Email template:

  • subject line
  • preview text
  • images
  • copy of the email
  • CTAs

Workflow setup: 

  • which email sequences have a higher conversion rate
  • which workflow steps, timing, or order performs better for your specific goal

Message frequency: 

  • the optimal number of messages to maximize the conversion rate.

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