Set a goal for your Automation workflow

Setting a goal for your Automation workflow helps you create an effective and efficient experience for your contacts, both before and after they reach your goal. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use Exit conditions to manage your contact's experience when they achieve your goal. We'll also learn about a similar tool, Restart conditions



Exit and Restart conditions cause a contact to immediately exit or restart your workflow once they reach your goal or match specific conditions. These results occur regardless of which step the contact is in when the condition is met.

Adding an exit or restart condition

Both Exit and Restart conditions may be applied to any type of workflow (custom and predefined templates).

To add, scroll to the bottom of the workflow editor and click on Add new conditions.


Then, click on Add a condition under your preferred type.


Choose from four types of conditions: Email Activity, Contact Details, A Contact Submits a Form or Website Activity.  

For example, if the goal of your workflow is to drive a purchase or website visit, you may wish to use the Website Activity exit condition.


You may repeat these steps to add multiple Exit or Restart conditions for a workflow.

Editing an exit or restart condition

Exit and Restart conditions may be modified or deleted at any time. Simply return to the Exit & Restart settings and click Edit or Delete next to the condition.

What's next? 

These conditions can be used to make any marketing or communications workflow more efficient, such as: 

  • An abandoned cart workflow - apply an Exit condition when cart items are purchased and a Restart condition when the cart is updated
  • Billing workflow to collect overdue balances - apply an Exit condition when contacts pay their bill 
  • Promote a sale coupon code - apply an Exit condition when contacts use the sale code 
  • Re-engage inactive customers - apply an Exit condition when contacts make a purchase

How will you use Exit and Restart conditions? Build a new workflow and get creative!