Recovering abandoned carts: automatically send the emails (step 3)

E-commerce businesses can recover lost sales with an effective abandoned cart strategy. SendinBlue makes this easy by giving you all the necessary tools to: 

  1. Track shoppers' behavior on your website (learn how)
  2. Create emails personalized with each shopper's abandoned products (learn how)
  3. Send abandoned cart emails at the perfect moment 

In this guide, we'll review step 3: sending abandoned cart emails automatically with our ready-to-use abandoned cart workflow. 


By default, the Abandoned Cart workflow will:

  • Trigger once a new shopping cart is created,
  • Send a follow-up email to the shopper, 
  • Recognize when the shopping cart items are purchased or removed (stops workflow), 
  • And recognize when the shopping cart is updated (restarts workflow) 


In this guide, you'll learn how to create your abandoned cart workflow and select: 

1. Create your abandoned cart workflow 

From the Automation app, click the Create a new workflow button and choose the Abandoned Cart workflow. 

You will be guided through a series of 6 quick steps to customize your workflow.


2. Select your abandoned cart events

SendinBlue can receive alerts from your website, called events. They contain information about key activities, like when a shopping cart is created.  

Abandoned cart workflows use 3 unique events. The workflow will prompt you to confirm or update the name of each event. 


Their default names are automatically populated, but you may modify them if needed: 

  1. cart_updated: The same event indicates when a cart is created or updated 
      • In Step 1, this event starts the workflow
      • In Step 6, this event restarts the workflow
  2. order_completed: indicates when a cart is purchased 
      • In Step 4, this event removes the contact from the workflow 
  3. cart_deleted: indicates when products are deleted from an existing shopping cart
      • In Step 5, this event removes the contact from the workflow 

Good to know: These event names are pre-determined by the method your website uses to track and share abandoned cart data with SendinBlue, either via a plugin or custom tracking events. (Please reference this guide for more details.) If a colleague set up this tracking for you, please ask them to provide the event names to you.   

If your OpenCart website uses the SendinBlue plugin, event #1 is named cart_created (instead of "cart_updated"). 

The workflow suggests sending the follow-up email 2 hours after cart creation (Step 2) as a best practice. 

You may customize the delay to best meet your needs. abandoned-cart_4_EN.png

4. Select your abandoned cart email template

When you reach workflow Step 3 to Send an email, SendinBlue automatically generates a placeholder/default template for your workflow to use. You may select your own email template or keep the default template. 

Good to know: If you have not already created your abandoned cart email template, follow this helpful guide. The default template must be personalized or replaced before enabling your workflow. 

Select these options to enable accurate personalization:

  • Use my event data to customize the email
  • Data from the last received event 

Then your personalized email template will receive and insert the product details for each shopper who abandons a cart. 



What's next?

Add or remove workflow steps 

To add additional steps to your workflow, such as a fourth follow-up email, complete the preset steps in the workflow builder. Then, you can hover over the point where you wish to add an extra step and click the plus sign (+).  

You may also remove steps by hovering over the step and clicking the red (X).