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Joomla - 5. Tracking website activity via SendinBlue marketing automation



In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up marketing automation with the Joomla package. 

With SendinBlue Automation, you can:

  • identify your customers when they visit your website
  • track how your customers engage with your site
  • use customer information and engagement to automate your follow-up marketing communications via email or SMS. 

Before getting started

You will need the following information prior to installation and use:

  • SendinBlue account credentials. If you don't have one, sign up for free.
  • Joomla website admin panel access.
  • Follow these steps to install the Joomla package.

Setting up marketing automation

First, make sure you have enabled Marketing Automation on your SendinBlue account. To do so, log in, then go to the Automation tab in the top menu and click on the TRY FOR FREE button. 

When you install the Joomla package, the SendinBlue marketing automation plug-in will automatically be available to use. Now, you simply need to enable it. 

From your Joomla admin, on the SendinBlue Dashboard. Click on the Marketing automation icon.


  1. Click on the Enable plugin button.
  2. Click on the Set plugin Tracking ID button. This will retrieve the Marketing Automation tracking ID from your SendinBlue account.joomla_ma_3.png

Monitoring website activity

Now that the SendinBlue Automation tracker is integrated into your website, all of the pages visited by your contacts will automatically be tracked. You will find these logs in your SendinBlue account under Automation > Logs > Event logs:

  • page
  • identify

View this guide to learn more about using your Automation logs. 

What's next? 

Automating your marketing communications

Automation uses "workflows" to create multi-step marketing experiences for your contacts, such as:

  • Send a welcome message to new mailing list subscribers  
  • Create a series of onboarding emails for new website users

Workflows can also help you manage internal marketing processes, such as: 

  • Score new leads based on how they behave on your website
  • Adding new attributes to your current contacts or moving them to a new list based on a recent purchase 

You may trigger the start of a workflow based on many things, including when contacts: 

  • are identified on your website
  • visit a page
  • are added to a contact list 
  • and much more!

SendinBlue offers ready-to-use workflow templates, or you can get creative and build a custom workflow for your exact needs.

View this guide to learn more about creating Automation workflows, or visit Automation and create your first workflow today. 

Have a question?

If you have a question or challenge with the SendinBlue Joomla package, please create a new issue here.

Further reading

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