Importing blank contact attributes

In this guide, we'll review how to import empty fields and choose how to update your existing contacts' details.


When importing contacts, you will see an option during the confirmation step to “Import empty fields to erase existing attribute data in SendinBlue”.

If enabled, empty fields in your import will erase any attributes that currently contain data in SendinBlue. If disabled, the empty fields will not affect your existing data.



Let’s say the following subscribers already exist in your contact list and you want to remove some of their details.

Click on Import contacts and select your favorite import method. In this example, we’ll choose to copy/paste the following data:


For the contact with the email address we are choosing to erase LASTNAME from this contact’s details and for we are erasing his FIRSTNAME attribute.

Then you can Check your data to preview your import:


Once you have finished your mapping and selected your list(s), then enable the “Import empty fields to erase existing attribute data in SendinBlue” option to finalize your import.


As soon as the import is completed successfully, you will see your contacts details updated like below:


Good to know: If the option “Import empty fields to erase existing attribute data in SendinBlue” is switched off, empty imported fields will be ignored and your contact details won’t be removed.