Using Automation Exit and Restart conditions

When using SendinBlue Automation, your Workflows include at least one Trigger and one resulting Action step. You may also add Conditions to modify the behavior of your workflow.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to add Exit and Restart conditions to your workflow and how to apply them in a common use case: recovering abandoned carts. 


Exit and Restart conditions cause a contact to immediately exit or restart your workflow once specific criteria (conditions) are met. These results occur regardless of which step the contact is in when the condition is met.

Adding an exit or restart condition

Both Exit and Restart conditions may be applied to any type of workflow including custom workflows and those following a predefined template.

As you create a new workflow, you will arrive at the workflow overview page. Scroll to the end of the workflow and click on Add new conditions.


A pop-up will open where you can define Exit and Restart conditions. Click on Add a condition under your preferred type.


Choose from conditions for Email Activity, Contact Details, A Contact Submits a Form or Website Activity. Similar options are available for both Exit and Restart conditions.


You may repeat these steps to add multiple Exit or Restart conditions for a workflow.


Exit and Restart conditions may be modified or deleted at any time.


Use cases

These conditions can be used to make any marketing or communications workflow more efficient, such as: 

  • Billing workflow to collect overdue balances - apply an Exit condition when contacts pay their bill 
  • Promote a sale coupon code - apply an Exit condition when contacts use the sale code 
  • Re-engage inactive customers - apply an Exit condition when contacts make a purchase

How will you use Exit and Restart conditions? Build a new workflow and get creative!

What happens when no Exit or Restart conditions are applied to a workflow?

If no Exit conditions are applied to a workflow, a contact will exit after completing the last possible step.

If no Restart conditions are applied to a workflow, a contact will only restart the workflow if:

  • the workflow settings allow contacts to enter the workflow more than once, AND
  • the contact matches the criteria for the workflow’s entry point an additional time.