Using PieSync to integrate an app with SendinBlue




PieSync integrates SendinBlue with other apps for an automatic 2-way contacts sync. Every time you add or update a contact in SendinBlue, it is automatically synced with the other app, and vice versa - eliminating import/export!

PieSync is easy to use and helps you build your business by increasing productivity. The two-way contact integration will decrease data errors and ensure that you and your team will have access to the most up to date customer information.

Before getting started

You will need to gather the following information:

  • SendinBlue account credentials. If you don't have one, sign up for free.
  • SendinBlue API v3 key following the instructions here.
  • PieSync account credentials. If you don't have one, register on PieSync for a free 14-day trial.

Video guide 

Watch this video for a full demonstration of the setup process, or follow along while reading this tutorial. 


1. Choose an app to connect with SendinBlue

To integrate SendinBlue with an app using PieSync, log onto your PieSync account.

First, type "SendinBlue" in the search bar to choose it as the first app.

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Next, use the search bar to select the app you wish to connect with SendinBlue. In this example, we are using Google Contacts. 

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2. Authorize your apps

To configure and use PieSync, you need to have registered accounts with the selected apps. For each app, click on the AUTHORIZE button. 

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After clicking on the AUTHORIZE button for SendinBlue, a pop up will display where you can authorize a new SendinBlue account or select an account that was previously authorized. 

Authorize a new SendinBlue account

Simply paste your API v3 key that can be found on your SendinBlue account.

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Click on the NEXT button.

Select an existing SendinBlue account

Or, if your SendinBlue account has already been authorized in the past, click on Choose an existing account.


3. Configure your connection

By default, a 2-way synchronization of contacts is selected. You can also select a 1-way synchronization depending on what you would like to achieve.

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Setup conditions/filters and actions

First, configure the connection rules with your desired conditions/filters and resulting actions: 

[IF] Supported Conditions/Filters

  • In List
  • Blacklisted for Email Campaigns
  • Blacklisted for SMS Campaigns
  • Already existing in app you sync with (in this example in Google Contacts)
  • Attributes values

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[THEN] Supported Actions

  • Add to List
  • Remove from List
  • Update Blacklisted for Email Campaigns
  • Update Blacklisted for SMS Campaigns
  • Update attributes values

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Map contact attribute data

Next, you will custom map your attributes (e.g. Name, First Name, etc.). Keep in mind that the types of attribute fields need to be compatible. For example, a text field cannot be mapped with a date field.

In our example with Google Contacts, there are two fields that are mapped by default:

  • Google Contacts Emails field with SendinBlue EMAIL field
  • Google Contacts Phones (mobile) field with SendinBlue SMS field

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Click on +Add field mapping to add fields that are not in the default field mapping.

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Have a question? 

If you have a question, feel free to reach the PieSync support team by email:

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