How are Facebook Ads billed?

Setting your campaign budget

When creating your Facebook Ad, the final step will be to specify the specific dates on which the campaign should start and end.

In the same step, you will confirm the maximum budget to be spent across all days within your campaign. The total charge for your campaign will not exceed this amount.

To enable Facebook to try to deliver your ad consistently, a minimum budget applies to all campaigns. Minimum budgets are calculated as a daily amount, which is €6 per day.

For example, if your ad will run for ten days, the budget must be ten times the minimum daily budget (€6 x 10 days = €60 minimum total budget).

Learn more about minimum budgets on Facebook’s advertising website here.

Paying for your campaign

The maximum budget you established for your campaign will be billed immediately when you submit your campaign.

If your full budget is not spent during your campaign, or if your campaign is rejected for not respecting Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines, the unspent balance will be refunded as a credit to your SendinBlue account.

This credit will be applied to your next SendinBlue charges (for Facebook Ads or other services) as the first method of payment before your card on file is charged. Your balance may be viewed from your My Account page anytime.

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