What email elements can you A/B test on Sendinblue?

Subject Lines

Email subject lines are the very first thing a recipient looks at since subject lines are seen before opening your email. Research shows that 68% of people open an email based on the subject line alone.

For this reason, the subject line is the first element available for A/B testing in Sendinblue email campaigns.

For example, you can try running an A/B test on campaign email subject lines to determine things like whether it's more effective to: 

  • use short or longer subject lines
  • use punctuation
  • include your contact's first name, a creative teaser, or mention an incentive, etc.


Email Content

You can test different elements of the campaign itself, for example: section titles, article length, call-to-action buttons, images and more. You might even test two completely different designs to see which one gets the most clicks.



Good to know: A/B testing will be available for other elements, like "from" name in the near future.

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