Installing the Shopware Plugin

Download the extension

The Shopware integration makes it easy to sync your contacts.

Before getting started

To allow you to connect your Shopware site with SendinBlue, you need the following:

Plugin Installation

To install the plugin, log in your Shopware backend, then go to the "Settings" tab and click on Plugin Manager.


In Plugin Manager, search for "SendinBlue" and then click on "Install".


Configuring the API keyreadme_3.png 

To automatically synchronize your contacts and their data, you'll need an API key than can be found in your SendinBlue account.


Click "APIs & Forms" on the left side of the menu and "Manage Keys" in the API area.

Copy the contents of the field "v3" and paste it in the plugin configuration under "API key".


Marketing Automation 

You can find your Marketing Automation tracking ID as shown in the screenshot below under the "Automation" tab.


Copy your Marketing Automation Tracking ID, then paste it into the field of the same name in the plugin configuration. If you do not want to use Marketing Automation, simply leave the "Marketing Automation Tracking ID" field empty.

Transferring customer data to SendinBlue

You can add your customer data to your SendinBlue account via the menu item "Send to SendinBlue" under the "Customers" tab.


Note that this step may only be done once during initial set up.

Customers who subsequently sign up for the newsletter via the shop will then be automatically added to SendinBlue.