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[Classic design] Send Time Optimization - Send your campaign at the best time

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What is the Send at the best time option? 

❗️ Important
Please note that the Send at the best time feature is not available for A/B test email campaigns and for email campaigns for which you have enabled the Dedicated IP warm-up option.

During the Schedule step of sending your email campaign, you have three choices of when to send your campaign:

  • Send it now
  • Schedule for a specific time
  • Send it at the best time

Selecting Send at the best time is the easiest way to maximize your campaign’s results.


💡 Good to know
This feature is available for Premium and Enterprise plans. Compare plans here.

How does it work?

Simply choose the date on which to send your campaign. On that day, Sendinblue will send your campaign at the optimal time to engage each recipient. All contacts will receive the email within 24 hours.

How does Sendinblue determine the best sending time?

The best send time is calculated for each individual recipient and optimised for the best open rates (vs. sending in bulk all at once).

If a particular contact has not received an email campaign from Sendinblue before, the optimal send time will be based on the opening times of previous campaigns. The optimal time is displayed directly below the campaign’s scheduled date.

Sendinblue learns from each campaign that you send and the best time for each contact becomes more precise over time.

Can I use "Send at the best time" to send a campaign on the current day?

Yes, you can but if the best time has passed for some contacts, the message will be sent on the next day within 24 hours.

For time sensitive campaigns such as webinars or event registrations, it is recommended to schedule for a specific time.

Can I use "Send at the best time" for my first Sendinblue campaign?

We recommend scheduling your first campaign at a precise time. Sendinblue will learn from your campaign’s engagement to determine the optimal send time for future campaigns.

💡 Good to know
To achieve the best results using the Send at the best time feature, be sure to send primarily to contacts who have opened at least one of your previous Sendinblue campaigns.

Can I use "Send at the best time" for my Marketing Automation emails?

Yes, you can now also select Send at the best time when sending Marketing Automation emails. A separate Marketing Automation log entry will be recorded when an email is set to be sent at best time, and another one when the message is actually sent.

Read this article to learn more about creating Marketing Automation workflows.


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